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Events FAQ

Events are conducted online via our platform. You will receive detailed instructions and access links upon successful registration.

If the current batch for the event is full, you will be automatically allotted to the next available batch. Updates regarding batch allotments will be sent to your registered email.

Any college student, regardless of their field of study, can apply for the event.

Rewards may vary from event to event. Only successful attendees who meet the event's criteria will receive participation certificates and other rewards.

If you submit an application for an event but fail to attend without valid reasons, you will not receive certification or any rewards associated with the event.

You can expect updates regarding event registrations, batch allotments, and other details within 3-7 days from the event application submission date.

You can view your application status, event details, and batch allotments on the "My Events" page within your account dashboard.

You can apply for multiple events based on your interests and availability. There is no set limit on event applications.