Stuboard Contest

A monthly contest to reward your talents

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Pariticipate and win cash prize upto

₹ 1000 every month and trophy

2nd Prize - ₹600, 3rd Prize - ₹300 with Participation Certificate for everyone. Participate Now!

Our Ongoing Contests

Website Design - Basic
Website Design - Advanced
Resume Building
Poster Design
Soap carving

Invite your friends to grow and succeed together!

Contest FAQ

Contests are conducted online through our platform. Upon registration, you will receive guidelines, submission deadlines, and judging criteria for each contest.

If you apply for a contest but do not submit your work or fail to participate, any debited coins will not be refunded.

Winners are selected based on the judgment of our expert panel. Only the top three participants will be awarded first, second, and third prizes, while other participants will receive a participation certificate.

Your work must be submitted before the specified deadline. After submission, you can track the status of your application and judging progress on the "My Contests" page within your account.

Submitted work must be original and comply with contest rules. Any work found to be plagiarized, copied, or submitted on behalf of someone else will be rejected by our team.

Yes, you can apply for multiple contests based on your interests and skills. Each contest may have different requirements and judging criteria.

If your work is rejected for a contest, you can still apply for future contests after a designated period. Contest rules and reapplication policies may vary.

Contest winners and results are typically announced within a specified timeframe after the submission deadline. Updates on results will be communicated via email and on the platform.